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For the Grill, Chicken

Jim Beam Chicken Wings

Serves: 4 as an appetizer

Cook Source: Grill

Difficulty: medium


½ cup Worcestershire Sauce
3 lbs Chicken Wings
1 cup Jim Beam Original BBQ Sauce
Optional: 1/3 cup favorite Hot Sauce


Add the chicken wings to a Ziploc Bag with the Worcestershire sauce and refrigerate overnight.

Preheat grill to medium heat.

Remove the chicken wings from the marinade and dry them with paper towels.

Grill the chicken wings turning occasionally. Once the chicken has grilled for 10-12 minutes, brush on the Jim Beam Original BBQ Sauce and continue grilling until the internal temperature is 165°F. This should take about 15-20 minutes total cooking time.

Finish by tossing in more sauce.

Alternative: For spicy wings, mix the Jim Beam Original Sauce with the hot sauce before grilling. While grilling, brush the sauce mixture on the wings.